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PESTS - Your Hidden Enemy:

Pests Can Damage Your Home and Endanger Your Family!

Termites, Rodents, Ants, Cockroaches, Mosquitoes and other critters all play important roles in the environment. However, when these creatures enter our homes/premises, they become Pests that can potentially threaten our health and our property and endanger our lives.

But with Avitus India, you no longer have to worry! Avitus India can provide a wide range of Pest control / management services from a small eradication job to a full fleged Pest prevention service.

AVITUS have three areas to serve all of your Pest control and Pest managements needs:

  1. Residential - Pest Control Services
  2. Commercial - Pest Control Services
  3. Industrial - Pest Control Services

We provide all of the following services and more:

Our Features:

  1. Free Consultations
  2. Latest Techniques and Technology
  3. Dedication to Quality and Service
  4. Commitment to Excellence
  5. The highly Trained and Experienced Personnel
  6. Odourless, Eco friendly and Approved Insecticides application
  7. Tailor made Services
  8. Satisfaction Guaranteed

Avitus Systemized Services are specially designed by Avitus Experts after thoroughly analyzing the customer’s home/Premises or workplace and understanding/ identifying the customer’s specific Pest control / management needs. Avitus Systemized Service is a unique combined package which includes treatment of Termites, General Pest, and Rodent as well.

Under these services Avitus experts can assist our valuable customers with a flexible, tailored solutions to meet their exact needs and prevent these unwanted Pests from becoming a problem in your home /premise’s or workplace. They help to maintain an environment free of these and other Pests.

Under this service Avitus experts use Scientific methods to conduct regular checks and prevention by conducting systematic inspections at regular intervals to ensure complete protection of your valuable assets and provide maximum care for your family.

Avitus experts keep on informing about what is happening in Pest control industry, so that they can adapt their strategies to changing circumstances. At Avitus we aim to keep at least one step ahead of the Termites / Pests, which is also undoubtedly changing and adapting over a period of time.

Our Service Warranty:

Depending on the situation we offer a Service Warranty. In some cases it is not possible to foresee every problem at a first visit - so we need to work with you until your problem is solved. Avitus India Pest Management means peace of mind when it comes to Pest control. If Pests return between regularly scheduled visits, we’ll retreat at no charge. This means that if our customer notices or experiences problems with any Termites / Pests control treatment covered under our Service Warranty, we will make sure that our technicians return as soon as possible to address concerned problem.

With Avitus, you rest assured! If at all Termites / Pests returns, so we will. We are not satisfied until you’re satisfied.

Don’t wait! Discover The Avitus Difference! Call us now for a Free Consultation and Budget Analysis for Termite / Pest control / Management Services on.

91- 9726 06 06 06 or 91- 79- 32 93 83 73

or visit us at www.avitusgroup.in

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